Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 9: Hey Kid Wanna Yiff?

Welcome to another installment of useless shit you could care less to know but think it might be an interesting conversation starter. With that said I bring you to the topic of the day, "Yiffing". Now as self explanatory as this picture is, we will be delving into the world of Furries and learning their ways of yiffing, yipping, yerfing, yarfing, growling, growlfing fun...or something like that.

So you, the clueless reader might be asking yourself by now "what the fuck is this guy talking about"? Well the sub-cultural fetish of being a "Furry" has bloomed over the years of mainstream Internet usage. Essentially, the beginning of the Furry culture started off as a tangent discussion related to a science fiction book in the 80's. Nerds ate up the whole "fictional mammalian anthropomorphic characters" (animals that look like and take on human characteristics) idea like a bag of Cheeto's. They loved the art and ideas of putting animals in human roles. The "Furry Fandom" took on a whole new level when they began publishing fanzines with different collections of Furry artwork. With fanzines on the shelf, the population of Furries grew. It grew to the point where in 1987 there were enough fans to stage the first Furry convention. Then the Internet arrived, changing the ways Furries would communicate. Text based role plays, websites, and chat rooms were all factors in creating what the Furry community is now.

Furry- a person with an important emotional/spiritual connection with an animal or animals, real fictional, or symbolic.

Now it is a community of anthropomorphic animal characters created by people so they can use it as their "fursonas" (I'm sure you all have enough brains to figure that one out) for Internet forums, emailing, and live role playing. "Role playing also takes place offline, with petting, hugging and "scritching" (light scratching and grooming) common between friends at social gatherings. Fursuits or furry accessories can enhance the experience." (Thank you Wiki).

Now to dig a bit deeper and see what perverted creatures lay behind some of these suits. Its seems to be that there is a decent sized population of the Furries that are involved in furry intercourse aka.. yiffing. Furry erotica is behind it all. Playing to different paraphilias, Furry erotica encompasses a range of fetishes that would mostly be illegal or impossible and makes a fantasy true for that guy in his alligator fursuit. Obviously this has brought up plenty of legal issues and not to mention has attracted our good friends PETA. For reasons I do not need to explain, we all understand why this is looked down upon.

In my opinion? Let them be free to fantasize.
Who are we to judge? Because really, I think that in the end even if we aren't middle aged nerds jacking off to anthropomorphic animal characters that are sniffing each other, we still have quirks that might make us as weird or even weirder.

It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess....

...and I guess this one wears a fursuit.

Just as a side note, Furries are generally against wearing fur.


  1. The girls in the pictures do not appear to be wearing fur suits. It appears they are wearing very little, aside from body paint... which in my opinion is infinitely more yiffey than a fur suit. It would be interesting to see an extension of this going into the suborder of the neko phenomenon.

  2. your definition of furry is more like the definition of therianthropy.