Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 7: Re-birthing of a Dead Idea

and you should be too! Read up and drink something real for once.

So I had started this blog several months ago and I think I had something good going, but school got in the way. Now I am a working man trying to make a living in modern times. By that I mean I am trying to find any barista job I can get my hand on.

You, the non-existent reader might be asking, what's going to be different?
Nothing. It will be pointless ramblings of a person consumed in the mass of NYC
who needs to feel like he is doing something productive with his life.

What can I expect to see?
Random photos, history on pointless topics, and whatever I get my hands on.

Why should I read this?
No clue. Why are you reading this?

I wish I had more to say in this entry, but sadly enough this is just me reinstating my blog.
See you tomorrow.

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